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Interpersonal Mindfulness: Awakening together – shared by Erik van den Brink

How would it be if we learned to meditate while we communicate?

If we learned to be mindfully present when we speak and listen, could we notice our reactivity more closely and avoid automatically being caught in unhealthy communication patterns?

Would this create more space for healthy communication?

These and other questions are to be explored during this webinar with psychiatrist / compassion trainer Erik van den Brink.

DATE / TIME: Wednesday the 3rd of April 2024 at 19:30 – 21:00 CEST.

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As human communication can be highly stressful, it is not surprising that mindfulness-based training programs were developed to reduce interpersonal stress. MBSR only briefly touches on the theme of communication. There is insufficient room in the curriculum for a systematic training in mindful communication. This is precisely what the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (IMP) offers. Like Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL), the IMP is designed as a follow-on course, for those who have already followed MBSR or an equivalent Mindfulness-Based Program. IMP is deeply  inspired by Insight Dialogue, which offers a path of practice to develop meditative and relational qualities and cultivate wisdom based on Buddhist teachings. The secular IMP is meant for people from diverse backgrounds and taught in a non-religious context.  Whereas IMP and Insight Dialogue share the six guidelines for interpersonal practice (Pause, Relax, Open, Attune to Emergence, Listen Deeply, and Speak the Truth), they differ somewhat in their choice of themes for contemplation.

This webinar offers an introduction into some of the key features of the IMP as well as a taste of practice. English spoken.

Erik van den Brink studied medicine in Amsterdam and trained as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist in the UK. From his return to the Netherlands in 1995 he worked in community psychiatry, integrative psychiatry, and psycho-oncology. He has always been particularly interested in methods that empower people’s self-healing capacity and pioneered mindfulness and compassion-based interventions in mental health.

He has a long-standing personal meditation practice and was trained by founding teachers in MBSR/MBCT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Interpersonal Mindfulness. With Frits Koster he developed MBCL and co-authored several publications. He is a frequently asked guest teacher at mindfulness training institutes across Europe and beyond. Website:

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Cover Mindful Communication

The program Interpersonal Mindfulness: Awakening together is presented in a new book Mindful Communication: Speaking and Listening with Wisdom and Compassion, edited by Frits Koster, Jetty Heynekamp and Victoria Norton.

The book features the following programs:

– Nonviolent Communication (by Oren Jay Sofer and Sietske de Haan),
– The Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (by Erik van den Brink),
– Green Zone Communication (by Greg Heffron, Esther Hasselman and Christine Trani),
– Mindfulness and Communication (by Edel Maex),
– Deep Listening (by Rosamund Oliver and Chantal Bergers),
– Open Dialogue (by Russell Razzaque, Heleen Wadman, Kwok H. Wong and Olaf Galisch).

These mindful communication programs are of interest to those working in health or social care, education, community action and to all who wish to listen and speak with more wisdom and compassion.

Donation-based event, if you wish to grant a donation, please send it to eamba
IBAN NL28 TRIO 0379 3688 62. BIC TRIONL2U. Mentioning “MF COMM 0404”,
eamba will transfer your donation to the authors.

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