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On the 10th of May 2023 Simona Ondrejkova offered a free webinar to help us – in our capacity as MBP teacher and instructor teacher – to attract and serve more people with mindfulness teaching.

In this webinar Simona offered 5 tips illustrating her take on mindful marketing.
Here is a pdf of her presentation:  Mindful Marketing.
Recording published on the eamba Youtube channel. 

Simona has created an 8-week training program specifically for current and prospective members of eamba Associations.
Priority was given to those teachers engaged locally in an eamba Association.

If you wish to participate in future editions, but are not yet or not now a member of a local eamba Association, you are still welcome to join.
Yet we warmly encourage you to connect with colleagues locally by becoming a member of an eamba Association in your country. Here is a list of eamba Associations.

Any questions, simply contact us at

Why this Mindful Marketing webinar and training offer?

Are you committed to teaching mindfulness but find it hard to fill your mindfulness classes and programs?
Or maybe you’ve even considered applying for another job because teaching mindfulness isn’t yet bringing enough income to cover your living expenses?

Marketing mindfulness classes in today’s world is hard. And many mindfulness teachers are experiencing these challenges without having the support to move through this challenge skillfully so they can keep serving more people.

Without a way to make teaching mindfulness financially sustainable, many mindfulness teachers might feel forced to leave the mindfulness field in search of other work that allows them to meet the rising costs of living.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…it’s possible to teach mindfulness on a full-time basis AND earn good money to support yourself (or your family). It just takes learning a few new skills to promote your offerings in a way that aligns with your market AND your values.

Most mindfulness teacher training programs don’t offer business or marketing training. That’s why we need a way for mindfulness teachers to learn these skills without wasting their precious time trying marketing tactics that don’t feel good or that don’t work with today’s conscious consumers.

So how do we solve this challenge effectively?

By empowering mindfulness teachers with the marketing skills necessary to promote their work in a way that gets them more students and participants…and feels right. A taste of what will be shared:

  • Reach more people who would most benefit from your mindfulness services (online and/or in-person)
  • Talk about your mindfulness offerings in a way that connects with people
  • Create an effective online presence so your ideal audience can easily find you (without having to use ads)
  • Inspire more of your followers, subscribers, or website visitors to register for your classes
  • Plus gain more insights and tools to help you bring the gift of mindfulness into more people’s lives

In this interactive 60-minute webinar (includes time for Q&A), Simona will explain the fundamentals of mindful online marketing to help you attract and serve more people.

You’ll see how it IS possible for marketing to become a tool to serve people… so you can create a feel-good marketing practice that helps you attract those who are already looking for your help.


Meet Simona Ondrejkova   

She says: “There are so many people out there who would love your guidance in learning mindfulness and bringing it into their life. But maybe they just don’t know about you…yet.
Marketing yourself effectively (and mindfully) is the key to letting these lovely souls know that you offer something that will change their lives for the better.

It can be hard not to get overwhelmed by all the contradicting marketing advice out there…and I know you don’t want to resort to using fear, scarcity, or inauthenticity to get people to sign-up for your classes. The good news is…you don’t have to.

Mindful marketing is about coming from the heart, genuinely serving people, and building trust and meaningful relationships that naturally result in more business. I’m excited to show you how mindful marketing can become a beautiful way to serve people, deepen your own mindfulness practice, and fill your classes so you can earn more money as a mindfulness teacher.

Let’s help you attract and serve more people through mindfulness so we can create a more compassionate and loving world together.”

Simona Ondrejkova is a mindful marketing strategist and copywriter. As the founder of Mindful Copy Agency, she has worked with dozens of mindfulness teachers and mindful business owners, helping them grow their reach, impact, and income.

She specialises in helping mindfulness teachers serve more people through a mindful approach to marketing. She participated in the recent dialogue with Jon Kabat-Zinn and wrote this article to propose new ways to solve the challenge of low registrations for mindfulness classes. 

To offer a new solution, Simona created a program for the eamba Community designed to help mindfulness teachers continue teaching mindfulness in a financially sustainable manner.
Simona will offer this program to the eamba Community at a reduced rate.

We warmly invite you to join us as Simona will share the fundamentals of a mindful approach to marketing. She will also explain how her program can help you learn the business and marketing skills to get more sign ups and registrations so you can earn a good living as you serve more people.

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