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Mark Montalban is the founder of MindfulText, a mindfulness-based text messaging platform. Since 2018, MindfulText has been texting mindfulness practices to individuals and organisations.
Mark’s creation has been included in scientific studies and is proven to help mindfulness teachers increase engagement, build long-term relationships, and measure mindfulness learning impact – all elements needed to build your presence.
Due to the increase of Zoom fatigue and app-fatigue, text message learning continues to grow as a channel to build personal and professional relationships with your audience.  

Join Mark and the eamba Community.

Date / Time: Thursday, October 12th, 2023 19:00 – 20:00 CEST
Meeting ID: 810 7258 3020
Passcode: 391392
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Some background on Mark Montalbano

Mark is a pioneer in applied mindfulness and founded MindfulText, a mindfulness-based text message learning platform. His passion for mindfulness developed through challenging life events that fuel his work. Mark is known as a top-rated startup mentor for his entrepreneur experience in over 40 industries and has advised hundreds of early-stage founders and CEOs globally. Mark is excited to share learnings and a template to engage audiences through direct messages, such as text messaging (SMS), whatsapp and Slack. 

[published April 16th, updated May 26th]
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