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‘How can mindfulness meet the need of society and how can this be paid by public or private funding?’

Chris Ruane explored these questions with the eamba Community on Wednesday 14 December 2022.

Chris has has been a member of the British Parliament since 1997.  In 2013, he set up free mindfulness classes in the UK Parliament. Since then, more than 150 British Members of Parliament and Peers have received mindfulness training, along with 250 members of their staff.

In 2014, Professor Lord Richard Layard and him established the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG), a cross party group dedicated to developing public policy on mindfulness in health, education, criminal justice and the workplace.

Working with the Mindfulness Initiative,  he was active in producing and publicising two reports: Mindful Nation UK report and Mindfulness in the Workplace and now co-chair the MAPPG.

Currently Chris is working with mindfulness advocates in over 40 countries who wish to take mindfulness to their legislatures.

Chris’ generously offered the eamba community to share resources that could be re-used in our local initiatives to inform decision-makers and let them see the ever stronger evidence for the effectiveness of mindfulness practice.

You can access the audio of the meeting
Link to resources mentioned: The Mindfulness Initiative’s 2022 Highlights

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