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On June 15th, 2023 Jill Chapman and Hazel Farrer co-led an interactive workshop on the philosophy of ‘Aware-Share-Care’.
We are grateful that Jill and Hazel shared the current thinking on the importance of nature connection and nature-based mindfulness practices.
They familiarised us with some of the research around how mindfulness and climate responses are linked through nature connection.

Topic covered:

  • We protect what we love – our journeys from mindfulness to nature connection and pro-environmental behaviour
  • Nature-based mindfulness practices to develop awareness and build nature connectedness
  • Mindsets for sustainability – using connection and compassion to better the planet
  • Reconnection and active hope – practical ways forward using case studies of school and corporate interventionsA recording of the presentation and interaction is available on the eamba YouTube channel.

Jill’s and Hazel’s Background

Jill Chapman
is a chartered coaching psychologist and chartered occupational psychologist with more than twenty years of experience working to help people, teams and organisations develop and thrive. She is a coach, facilitator and mindfulness in business trainer, bringing neuro-biology, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Training), embodied practice, systems thinking and group dynamics into her work.

Jill’s clients love the spaciousness, compassion and passion of her facilitation. Jill is highly proactive in her own practice and development, and her values of generosity and compassion are evident in both her training and client work.
Jill is the co-founder of  Create Flow, a purpose-driven consultancy of psychologists, coaches and leadership experts. They work with businesses to increase the performance of their people and deliver on their growth objectives. They empower businesses to achieve this in a way that is sustainable, healthy and in balance. This achieves measurable positive impacts for businesses and individuals.

Hazel Farrer
is a wellbeing and nature practitioner, corporate trainer, mindfulness teacher and climate conscious coach.
After having written her Masters dissertation on ‘Nature-based mindfulness: benefits, connectedness and pro environmental behaviour” her long-held passion for coaching in nature and developing the link between mindfulness and climate action was ignited.

She is the owner of ‘Mindful-nature Connection’, which develops and trains in-person and online integrative nature-based mindfulness programmes, she organises and presents wellbeing, nature and climate conscious festivals and webinars, teaches and designs curriculums in mindfulness, nature and climate, in international primary schools and facilitates nature connection retreats and events in Portugal. She co-hosts an annual online ‘Mindfulness, Nature and Climate Education’ Summit and is part of the global organising committee of the Climate Coaching Alliance, organising its annual month-long CCA festival 

She is passionate about the journey of mindful awareness, nature as co-teacher and connecter and deep ecology and values both the inner dimension that mindfulness offers to global climate issues and the external action that is needed at this time. Her broader goals encompass sustainability in education, giving tools to alleviate disconnection through mindfulness and emotional connection techniques, experiential learning and nature-based empowerment strategies. 

[published April 18th, updated May 29th, updated 25th June 2023)
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