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18 January 2024 Masterclass ‘Danae – Blended Learning’ with MINDSEED, presented by Matthias Nitsche.
DATE/ TIME 18 January 2024 | 19:00 – 21:00 CET (open to all, also if you do not have a subscription)

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Passcode: 291313
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The Masterclass ‘Danae – Blended Learning’ with MINDSEED is presented by Matthias Nitsche, co-founder and CEO of Kudima GmbH. Kudima launched Mindseed, a learning platform that empowers mindfulness teachers and training companies to offer customized and engaging courses, with features such as mindfulness exercises and a free app. eamba assessed Mindseed and is convinced about the various benefits for mindfulness teachers.

In this masterclass, we focus on how to apply the “blended learning approach” to mindfulness programs using Mindseed.
You will get

  • insights into the principles of blended learning
  • information on its effectiveness, and
  • learn how you can upgrade your offering with the elegant and convenient functionality of Mindseed.

Relevant for you as mindfulness and compassion teacher whether you are already subscribed to MINDSEED or wish to evolve.

If you are a member of an eamba Association

  1. the Blended Learning functionality of Mindseed is available with an eamba promotion code (20% gift).
  2. and get access to eamba content on Mindseed (planned for February 2024)

If you are not a member of an eamba Association, you have two options:

  1. either become a member of a local association and get the eamba promotion code, or
  2. pay the full subscription price signing up directly with Mindseed and not having access to the content created and provided by eamba for you.

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