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Danae is the digital assistant for mindfulness teachers curated by eamba.
It has various functionalities, one of which is ‘Blended Learning’ based on the tool ‘Mindseed’, created by the company of Matthias Nitsche *

On the 18th of  January 2024 Matthias Nitsche presented the Danae Blended Learning functionality (Danae-BL).

Missed the masterclass?
Go here to benefit from the RECORDING Danae – Blended Learning in Mindfulness Teaching

For the slides of the PRESENTATION  Danae Blended Learning.pdf

Open to all, also if you do not have a subscription yet.

The Masterclass on Danae-BL focused on how to apply the blended learning approach in teaching mindfulness, especially

  • insights into the principles of blended learning
  • information on its effectiveness, and
  • learn how you can upgrade your offering with the elegant and convenient functionality of Mindseed.

Blended Learning is likely to be relevant for you as mindfulness and compassion teacher if you wish to upgrade the delivery of your offering, whether you subscribe or wish to evolve.

Why Danae-BL?
Many teachers need to enhance their portfolios with new programs and approaches to meet today’s expectations of their participants.
For us as teachers, following a blended learning approach allows us to focus more on our core strength – teaching.

Who can use Danae-BL?
All Teachers who are a member of an eamba Association  can subscribe to any Mindseed plan and get a 20% discount.
Request your promotion code here.
Start your free trial here.
See terms of use, please

If you are not a member of an eamba Associations, you have two options:
(1) either become a member of a local association and get the eamba promotion code, or
(2) contact eamba for further options.

Who can join to co-create?
All qualified mindfulness and compassion Teachers can contribute, please mail to
You can add questions to this page to enhance the value of Danae-CM (Communication & Marketing functionality).
Are you a native speaker of the above mentioned languages? Then you can join the Danae-team for proof-reading the automatically translated texts, please mail to the Danae Team.

* Thank you!
eamba is grateful to Matthias Nitsche for sponsoring the use of Mindseed for eamba, and for offering a reduced subscription price to the teachers.
Mindseed was launched by the German Kudima GmbH. It is a learning platform that empowers mindfulness teachers and training companies to offer customised and engaging courses, with features such as mindfulness exercises and a free app.
eamba assessed Mindseed and is convinced about the various benefits for mindfulness teachers, therefore it is being integrated into Danae, eamba’s digital assistent for mindfulness teachers.

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