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Green Zone Communication

Please join Greg Heffron, Esther Hasselman,  Chris Trani and the eamba Community for the third of a series of webinars exploring mindful communication programmes. mit Übersetzung ins Deutsche von Katharina Mullen.

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Mindfulness With Tears in Your Eyes: an intuitive method to take your training into every challenging conversation.

Date / Time: Friday,  29 December 2023: 19:30 – 21:00 CET
Zoom mit Übersetzung ins Deutsche
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Passcode: 121351
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Dedicated mindfulness practice is so life-changing that we sometimes get thrown when we become genuinely upset, shocked, insulted, embarrassed or baffled by the relationships in our lives.

Green Zone Communication (aka Green Light Communication) allows you to tune into visceral cues during intense and challenging interactions and use the mindfulness skills you’ve already developed to bring relationships back into balance.

This includes a clear-minded focus on “natural boundaries” in the moment, allowing you the freedom to step back, step forward or pause. Instead of “stating your needs” or “getting what you want,” it focuses on a “we-together” approach where the needs of all — including very much ourselves — are recognised to be interdependent within each moment.

This is a broadcast which can be especially helpful for the holiday seasons when connecting with acquaintances and family can be joyful — and also tricky. This presentation will be based on material in Susan Gillis Chapman’s book The Five Keys to Mindful Communication.

Greg Heffron is the Executive Director of Green Light Communication. He’s been training others in this unique mindful communication modality since 2009.

Esther Hasselman is a mindfulness and compassion trainer, personal coach and PSYCH-K® facitator. Esther lives in The Netherlands.

Chris Trani blends decades of experience with mindfulness practice and conversation coaching to help people talk about things they find difficult or even impossible. She lives in Portland, Oregon US.

Cover Mindful Communication

The program Green Zone Communication is presented in a new book Mindful Communication: Speaking and Listening with Wisdom and Compassion, edited by Frits Koster, Jetty Heynekamp and Victoria Norton.

The editors will also join the event and are ready to engage in questions and dialogue on other aspects of the book, it features the following programs:

– Nonviolent Communication (by Oren Jay Sofer and Sietske de Haan),
– The Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (by Erik van den Brink),
– Green Zone Communication (by Greg Heffron, Esther Hasselman and Christine Trani),
– Mindfulness and Communication (by Edel Maex),
– Deep Listening (by Rosamund Oliver and Chantal Bergers) and
– Open Dialogue (by Russell Razzaque, Heleen Wadman, Kwok H. Wong and Olaf Galisch).

These mindful communication programs are of interest to those working in health or social care, education, community action and to all who wish to listen and speak with more wisdom and compassion.

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