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Masterclass ‘Danae – Communication & Marketing’ with AI Assistant, presented by Elitza Stoilova, CEO UMNI.
31 January 2024.

Missed the masterclass? Go here to benefit from the RECORDING.

For the slides of the PRESENTATION   Danae AI Assistant.pdf

Open to all, also if you do not have a subscription yet.


What did the Masterclass Communication & Marketing with the Danae AI Assistant offer?

– how to plan and use automated communication for customer support and marketing

– good practices to reach maximum effectiveness of the AI assistant, and

– how you can upgrade and use the functionalities of the AI Assistant for your objectives.

Relevant for you as mindfulness and compassion teacher whether you are already subscribed to UMNI or wish to evolve.


Want to benefit from the curated basis? Yes, you can.

If you are a member of an eamba Association, Danae is available with an eamba promotion code.
With your subscription to Umni you also obtain eamba’s explicit permission to reuse and reproduce the content of Danae-Communication & Marketing functionality, qualified as “fair use”.
The eamba content is available as of February 2024.


If you are not a member of an eamba Association, you have two options:
(1) either become a member of a local association and get the eamba promotion code, or get in touch with eamba mail to.
(2) or pay the full subscription price signing up directly with Umni, meaning you will not have access to the content created by eamba.

More information on Danae – the eamba digital assistant.


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