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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time,
they do have heart.

Elizabeth Andrew


  • We are volunteers
  • Essence of eamba
  • Sharing for Good
  • Take it forward
  • Step up

WE are volunteers

The eamba Associations thrive on the work of volunteers. At least, most of them.

So far, only three of the 31 eamba associations have paid assistance to the board.
Meaning, that all board members volunteer their time, network and knowledge.
Most of us on boards offer services to hold the space for our mindfulness teachers’ association to flourish on top of our regular professional and private obligations.

Let’s make that work lighter: let the eamba Board and Working Groups know how.
The eamba Board has been inviting you to a conversation to listen and share.
Here is the list again of dates and times available, simply book a moment to connect with us.
We will send you a confirmation and a link to a zoom meeting.

Essence of eamba

“What really is eamba?” That’s a question the eamba Board can get from nerwcomers.

In essence eamba is a multitude: it exists only as the sum total of the Mindfulness Teachers’ Associations connected in eamba.
And they … they are a force for good: connecting, inspiring and supporting each other and their local members.
How? By promoting the quality of teaching evidence-based mindfulness programs as well as of the quality of teacher training.
The true heroes are the teachers and instructors bringing mindfulness and compassion training to European societies in all their diversity. They do the work to contribute to more sustainable inner and outer worlds; alleviating suffering, stress, despair and encouraging quality of life.
In a nutshell it’s here in eamba’s mission & vision. Let’s ensure all colleagues know and benefit.

Sharing for Good

Thanks to the eamba Exchange Team, the eamba members can benefit from an array of topics for continuous learning and peer reflection.
Dates are published on UPCOMING EVENT, leading to detailed information and registration.

In these events a ton of value is shared, reducing your work in creating and organising events and seminars.
Also, colleagues encourage each other, they share what works for them and start collaborating on projects.

eamba Exchange also engages to point participants to local associations and encourages them to become a member, helping to grow your membership.

For an impression of topics recently covered, you can direct your members to these pages: (1) and (2), or listen to recordings of past events.

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind
than the one that they sprung up.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Take it forward

To serve the members connected in local associations, we all need to include our local colleagues in receiving relevant information. Often colleagues just don’t know that they can join.
This is for the about 4.000 mindfulness and compassion teachers bringing their passion and love for teaching to their communities. Let’s support however we can.

If you, as board members of your local association, regard the services created and offered by the eamba board and working groups relevant for your membership – then simply forward eamba messages.

OR – make your work lighter and invite your members to directly register for the eamba updates using this direct link.
Colleagues who use social media are also welcome in the eamba Linkedin Group, the eamba Facebook Group, and the eamba Instaagram.
As local association, you are the teachers’ trusted source of information.
Let the collective benefit from the value created together by the eamba Associations.

Step up

One more thing that follows logically from eamba being a multitude:
Regarding the creation of events for the varied membership, you are warmly invited to adopt an event and share your insights on a topic that is dear to your heart. It has happened e.g. during eamba Festivals.
We also offer the option to adopt an event for translation into your local language via a translator channel, showing all language communities that their culture and language matter, and to accommodate colleagues who might be shy to participate in English.
Take your time to reflect on this and simply let us know at

The purpose is to collaborate for a common cause;
the problem  arises when we don’t know what it is.

Gerhard Gschwandtner


Looking forward to meeting you for exchange and inspiration.
eamba Board & Working groups

April 28th, 2023

PS we might send more of these specific updates meant for board members, delegates, trustees – please forward to them.
And .. maybe you have an item to share? Please mail to Thanks!

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