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Michel Rener supports parents to nurture their own wellbeing through a range of simple and easy tools, methods, strategies and practices that produce sustainable positive relationships with their children, their family and themselves.

Michael generously shared his insights and ways of working with the eamba Community on the 5th of July, heartwarming advice of a gentle voice including us all, since “we never seize to be a child”.
Parenting implies so much more than raising a child – as we understood in this wonderful meeting with Michael.

If you missed it, you can listen to the recording in a few days.

Michael also shared an opportunity to learn more, by participating in this exquisite programme:

Being a Parent in an Increasingly Stressful World: a Transformational 8 week programme.
From the flyer:
“From week to week, explore ways to support yourself and your children to navigate and embrace the ups and down of life, connecting with the best of yourself finding ways to meet: tantrums, strong emotions, boundaries, moments of magic, moments of respite, with care and mindfulness.”

Contact details:  | +351 961 242 270   |

OPJ Intro flyer



Michel Rener has been developing and running parenting programmes in different cultural settings in Europe, Africa and Asia, face-to-face and online for the last 40 years.

The On the Parenting Journey programme that he now facilitates; explores how parents can cultivate and nurture self-care and mindful, non-violent, emotionally intelligent, ethical relationships and attitudes with themselves, their children and all members of their family.

Over the years a model has emerged including a 6 easy-to-follow steps that can help any parent mindfully respond to any situation (pleasant of unpleasant) “triggered” by their children. Parenting can be an overwhelming and wonderful playground to discover and practice mindfulness.

During the workshop, Michel will share some of his  field observations.
He will also address how the eight-week programme has transformed over the years from a parenting skilled-based programme into a mindfulness-based offering as parents are confronted with increasing pressures in all aspects their lives, and this anywhere in the world.

We will also be able to discuss how one could translate the spirit of mindfulness into very practical offerings that may not necessarily be embedded into a conventional Mindful-Based model and this for individuals who are new to the practice of mindfulness.

Michel Rener is a consultant at Rener Wellbeing (
He ( is an educational psychologist, NLP certified trainer, mediator, Mindfulness facilitator (ULB) and is currently training to become a Trainer of Mindfulness Facilitators at ULB (Brussels University).

[published April 17th, updated May 28th]
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