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Mark Randall
is a Mindfitness coach, workshop facilitator and  performance coach.
Mark has developed programmes and services based on high impact mindfulness techniques to help shift behaviour and enhance mindsets, leading to outcomes desired by people in complex working environments.

Join Mark and the eamba Community for a presentation of his approach to bring mindfulness to people in work places. People whose objective it is to achieve and maintain calmness, to create supreme clarity and cognitive control. Listening and dialoguing to deepen our understanding.

Date / Time: Wednesday, June 7, 2023 19:00 – 20:30 CEST
Meeting ID: 839 8424 6718
Passcode: 322533
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Mark founded the AlphaMind Project in 2017, as he says “as a natural evolution of my mindfulness journey. AlphaMind very quickly became a coaching and education powerhouse that won giant global clients from day one. Remaining at the core of that powerhouse is my mindfulness-based practice and philosophy.”
“Mark’s own mindfulness journey happened by accident and at a time,  late 1980s, when the word mindfulness didn’t exist in common parlance . Driven by stress, trauma and the onset of arthritis Mark found a solution hidden in a research paper that changed his life. Mark viewed this as a weapon, a super power that no one knew about, yet the impact on Mark’s self was not only a revelation to Mark but noticed as a great sense of presence and performance strength by those around him.”
“The unique way in which Mark applied mindfulness was not down to a course such as mbct or any other mindfulness instruction but down to the real time application of the benefits of his practice in vuca environments under significant pressure. The beginners mind, creative, calm and innovative mindset became a strategy to flourish.”
“This methodology was then delivered into the corporate world as a short form, yet potent, training session…naysayers would say ‘don’t bother’ ,  ‘it’s not mbct’, ‘t’s not in a book’, ‘you don’t have a certificate’, but Mark listened to his own purpose and continued to change lives.”
This session gives us the opportunity of understanding a different pathway, in Mark’s words “one that created the edge of having a growth mindset and the useabity of elements of mindfulness approaches to enhance training programmes that incorporate coaching and mentoring being delivered to some of the worlds largest corporates.”
[published May 5th, updated May 30th]
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