EAMBA’s vision:





EAMBA’s mission is to be a network connecting and inspiring associations (and associations in progress) of mindfulness professionals working with evidence-based secular programs.

Mindfulness is a mode of being, which includes awareness, through attention being addressed to the body and mind, of new, wholesome perspectives of oneself and others, thus bringing greater wisdom and compassion to oneself and society.

EAMBA aims to pursue its mission by:

Supporting professional mindfulness associations:

  • developing professional requirements for teachers;
  • formulating ethical standards for teachers;
  • providing a platform for networking and exchange;
  • sharing resources (events, information on public funding etc.);
  • facilitating research and dissemination of research results;
  • supporting new associations;
  • including different mindfulness-based programs (MBP’s), if they are proven to be effective by research.

Promoting mindfulness in society as derived from evidence-based secular programs.
In this network we are committed to embody the principles of mindfulness in the way we pursue our goals.



The following ethical guidelines are a recommendation by the EAMBA Ethics Group (2015-2016).
They can be specified and changed according to the needs of the national associations.

Recommended Ethical Guidelines for Mindfulness teachers

In teaching MBSR, MBCT or other mindfulness-based programs I am aware of my responsibilities in general. For that reason, I observe the following ethical guidelines:

  • Transparency

    Before the start of the course, I will inform all participants about the content, form, duration and costs of the course as well as about the limitations.

  • Respect for the integrity of the program

    I will ground my teaching on one of the evidence-based programs that I have been trained in. I pay respect to the integrity of the curricula of MBSR, MBCT and other mindfulness-based programs (MBPs). When using those names, I will stick to the curricula without mixing them up with foreign elements not present in the body of research of the particular program.

  • Ongoing learning and own practice

    I commit to keeping up to date with best practices and latest developments in the mindfulness field, to taking care of my own ongoing learning, and maintaining good practice.
As best as I can, I will embody the practice and understanding of mindfulness, which is informed by both relevant current scientific and clinical understanding as well as its historical antecedents from relevant spiritual and philosophical traditions.
As a teacher, I will take care of my own physical and emotional health and remain aware of my states of body, emotions and mind. It is my intention that all my interventions come from a soft and caring heart with the purpose to benefit the participant.

  • Acknowledging my limitations

    I am aware that a MBSR or MBCT course or other MBP cannot substitute a necessary medical treatment or psychotherapy. In case a course is not sufficiently helpful for participants, I will point out any limitations of my competencies or of the course offered.

  • Responsibility for the relationship to participants

    I am aware that the relationship between teacher and participants is asymmetrical. As a teacher, I do have more competence and experience in mindfulness. I make use of my competence and experience in order to facilitate the development of the participant’s own mindfulnes

  • Respect for other teachers

    I understand that mindfulness includes my behaviour towards other teachers of MBSR, MBCT and other MBPs. This includes an appreciative attitude as well as the attempt to address existing or potential conflicts directly in a constructive manner. I also value the efforts and achievements of other people and will not credit them to myself.

  • Ideological neutrality

    Teaching MBSR or MBCT and other MBPs, I refrain from political, ideological or religious indoctrination. I may of course talk about the background of MBSR or about my own practice if asked.