2024 eamba Conference – Festival

Saturday, the 5th of October 2024

Social Mindfulness – examples from mindful and caring cities & municipalities

in 2024 the eamba conference is organised Online and in Zagreb, Croatia, by the colleagues of the Croatian Mindfulness Teacher Association, Mindfulness Inicijativa Hrvatska.

Date: Saturday 5th of October 2024
Time: 9:30 – 16:30 CEST including a lunch pause
Location: Hybrid form. On site in Zagreb, Sky Office, Croatia and Online via Zoom.

You are warmly invited to share your experience about your local initiatives contributing to the creation of mindful societies.
Please contact eamba at info@eamba.net

Together with experienced colleagues engaged in creating mindful institutions, organisations, companies, communities we will delve into the theme.
We shall benefit from the sharing of many perspectives and will explore how to implement insights.

Here are some examples of what to expect:

  • Mindful societies – for example, hearing about Gelephu Mindfulness City in Bhutan, the first planned city in the world with focus on mindfulness, sustainability and harmony, discovering how mindfulness may seamlessly blend into communities, fostering awareness and compassion,
  • Cities and municipalities that care – sharing first-hand experiences from how the Croatian mindfulness community started collaborating with policymakers, getting them to open the doors for mindfulness practices in the public sector. We will also hear the policymakers’ experience.
  • Diversity and inclusion – exploring how mindfulness contributes to inclusivity and inspires honouring diversity in all forms.
  • Mindful Cities – getting inspired by the USA initiative with Kelly Boys.
  • Mindfulness-based organisational education – understanding the added value of social mindfulness with Mark Leonard.
  • Mindfulness practices in parliaments – discovering the benefits of cross-party connections built in practising mindfulness in parliaments all over the world with Chris Ruane.
  • Teacher skills – discovering how mindfulness teachers can implement these insights to enhance their practice and community connections.

Why attend?
This eamba conference will provide

  • valuable and very practical information on how mindfulness teachers are actively contributing to the creation of mindful societies,
  • ample opportunities to improve your networking and meet excellent colleagues and experts from all over the world,
  • first-hand testimonials from leaders, practitioners, and policymakers as they share their expertise and experience,
  • skill-building for teachers who wish to enhance their contribution to nourishing caring communities.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, policymaker, educator, or outright curious, this event is for you if you are passionate about living and moving towards a more mindful and inclusive world. Reserve your spot today by registering for the conference
Questions or contributions? Please email to info@eamba.net

Each eamba Conference or Festival is a relaxed program of presentations by colleagues and experts, interwoven with ample interaction between the participants to share insights, to process understanding, and to continue networking after the event.