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Vereniging Mindfulness Based Trainers Nederland | VMBN


In this day and age when people are challenged on various fronts, Mindfulness-Based Programs (MBP’s) are a valuable response; as well as interventions based on the values and principles of these programs.

MBP’s (such as MBSR and MBCT) are based on a convergence of contemplative traditions with scientific insights in areas such as psychology, neuroscience, medicine and education.

These programs invite participants to establish a balanced relationship with life’s experiences through conscious kind attention in the now, by identifying less with emerging bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts and by adopting an open non-judgmental attitude to all challenges that life entails.

Being able to adequately supervise MBP’s is a profession: the profession of mindfulnesstrainer. Trainers of MBP’s are asked to continuously deepen and develop their profession: in breadth, depth and in all its diversity. It goes without saying that trainers integrate mindfulness in their daily lives.

The VMBN is committed to supporting trainers of Mindfulness-Based Programs (MBP’s) in the development and consolidation of their profession. In doing so, the VMBN aspires to promote and monitor the quality of training in MBP’s in the Netherlands, so that they comply with the values and principles as established by the VMBN. With this, the VMBN aims that MBP’s will increasingly find their place in various domains of society: health care, education, work & organization and law enforcement. All of this at the service of a more humane, attentive and compassionate society[1]

[1] Following the Mindful Nation UK Report


Knowledge and skill

  • The VMBN is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of Mindfulness-Based Programs (such as MBSR and MBCT) and their development.
  • The VMBN is committed to a clear vision of the MBP-trainer profession in the various domains of society.
  • The VMBN promotes and offers transparence in the educational background and experience of the MBP-trainers affiliated with the VMBN. The VMBN does this in open dialogue with the various mindfulness training institutions in the Netherlands.
  • The VMBN asks its members to stay up to date when there are new developments and insights in the field of MBP’s. The VMBN will try to inform its members as completely as possible with regards to the above mentioned.
  • The VMBN facilitates scientific research where possible.

Collaborate, create together, build together

  • The VMBN stimulates and facilitates cooperation and co-creation among its members. VMBN also stimulates networking in this aera.
  • The VMBN works together with various national and international mindfulness networks such as eamba.

Representing, positioning and propositioning

  • The VMBN represents its members and promotes their interest; such as in dialogue with external stakeholders, as health insurers, employers’ organizations, training institutes and policy makers.
  • The VMBN encourages its members to actively participate in the dialogue about the discourse, meaning and value of MBP’s in today’s society.
  • The VMBN provides its members with insight into (market) developments with regards to MBP’s and the mindfulness community and supports its members in finding their way in the dynamic landscape of MBP’s.
  • The VMBN raises awareness of MBP’s in society and where possible contributes to the accessibility of these programs in all ranks of society.

In conclusion:

  • The VMBN asks the board and its members to work and act according to the principles and basic values of mindfulness. This is both in mutual contact and in contact with external stakeholders. Kindness, openness, compassion, attention, ethical conduct and flexibility are intentional basic values.
  • The VMBN asks its board to work on the basis of the principles of interdependence with its members and to use the knowledge and wisdom of its members and to approach them actively.
  • The VMBN asks its board and its members to constantly reflect on the intrinsic motivation that underlies the training of Mindfulness-Based Programs.