Mindful Teacher Community Network

The Mindful Teacher Community Network serves as a creative bridge, connecting mindfulness teachers, organizations, and associations wishing to expand their spheres of influence. We advocate for non-competitive collaboration to support the growth of our respective mindfulness teaching programs and communities.

We are a network of mindfulness teachers, organizations, and associations each unique yet united in our purpose to serve others and create a better world. We bring mindfulness teacher communities together, moving beyond the boundaries of competition and separation to embrace a collaborative approach for the greater good.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences by providing a platform for collaboration. We’re guided by our vision and mission, which is not just about what we do, but how we do it – with love, collaboration, and a deep sense of unity.

Our Vision: “Empowered in unity, we envision a collaborative future for mindfulness teachers, organizations, and associations with love for the benefit of well-being for all life and our planet.”

Our Mission is “To creatively nurture non-competitive collaboration, bridge networked connections, and support teachers, organizations, and associations in the field of mindfulness programs .”

Join us in mindful collaboration, bridging, and support as we journey “together, teaching mindfulness for the benefit of many.”