Digital Tools selected by eamba
to assist Mindfulness Teachers

What is Danae?
[pronounced dh aa n AA] , as in dāna, the practice of cultivating generosity]
Danae is a set of digital tools carefully evaluated and curated by eamba to leverage efforts of mindfulness and compassion Teachers.

Why Danae?
After more than a year of analysis of the market demand for teacher-led mindfulness transmission, the diagnosis was clear enough. Since autumn 2023, eamba engaged to help leveraging the efforts of Teachers, among others by creating and continuously upgrading this digital assistant called Danae.

What will Danae support?
Danae provides digital support and automation. So far, the functionality of Danae includes the creation of ‘blended learning’ (based on the software platform Mindseed), with gratitude to Matthias Nitsche – CEO of Mindseed for sponsoring the eamba community.
These functionalities reduce the time put into non-teaching tasks and support Teachers in upgrading their offering,.
More tools might be added as we discover what is needed and effective.

Who can use Danae?
All mindfulness Teachers can use Danae as a basis to create their own personalised digital assistent.
Teachers who are a member of an eamba Association can get a promotion code for their Mindseed and/or Umni subscription upon application.
Qualified Teachers who are not yet a member of an eamba Association, can contact eamba for options (danae(at)eamba(dot)net). See Terms of Use (below).

When is Danae ready for use?
Danae-Bl, the Blended Learning functionality (based on Mindseed) is available for use (details below).

How to apply to use Danae?
Simply send a message to to apply to use eamba’s Danae as a basis to create your own personalised digital assistant, benefitting from the curated content prepared by eamba. Please state your full name, e-mail address and the name of the association you are a member of.

Which languages does Danae support?
eamba only curates the English version of Danae and within the Limits of Liability (see below)
The Blended Learning functionality is available in English, German, French, and soon also in Dutch.

Who can join in co-creating Danae?
All qualified mindfulness and compassion Teachers can participate in co-creating Danae, please mail to

Human Effort  – leveraged by Danae.
Join the Journey.

What is Danae-Blended Learning (Danae-BL)
Danae integrates the digital platform ‘Mindseed‘ to create blended learning mindfulness offers, Mindseed was created by the company of Matthias Nitsche *

Why Danae-BL?
Blended Learning is likely to be relevant for you as mindfulness and compassion teacher if you wish to upgrade your ways of delivery and/or to enhance your portfolios with new programs and approaches to meet today’s expectations of your participants/ clients.
For us as teachers, following a blended learning approach allows us to focus more on our core strength – teaching.

Who can use Danae-BL?
All qualified mindfulness teachers can apply  to use eamba’s Danae-CM as a basis to create their own personalised digital assistant for communication and marketing.  Two options,
(1) either you are are – or become – a member of an eamba Association, and get the eamba promotion code upon application,
check here to find eamba Associations and determine whether you are a member,
(2) or you can contact eamba for other options: danae(at)eamba(d0t)net.
Apply here and request your promotion code. 
See terms of use, please.

Danae-BL is ready for use
Danae-BL has been available since December 2023.
You can benefit from this masterclass presented by
Matthias Nitsche regarding the Danae Blended Learning functionality:
Blended Learning in Mindfulness Teaching 240118. Recording &

The Masterclass on Danae-BL focused on how to apply the blended learning approach in teaching mindfulness, especially
– insights into the principles of blended learning
– information on its effectiveness, and
– learn how you can upgrade your offering with the elegant and convenient functionality of Mindseed.

Which languages does Danae-BL support?
eamba curates the English version of Danae only and within the Limits of Liability (see below)
For the other languages AI-translated versions are available, to ensure the correctness of translations you need to proofread.
With more colleagues joining the Danae-team, we will engage in proofreading, but cannot guarantee flawlessly translated texts.
The Blended Learning functionality is available in English, German, French, and soon also in Dutch.

Who can join to co-create?
Qualified MBP Teachers can contribute, mail to the Danae Team (danae(at)eamba(d0t)net).
eamba has intentions to increase the value of Danae-BL by adding formats of content for you to use as an easy start. This content is to be co-created with qualified teachers and available for all teachers connected in eamba Associations under Creative Commons Conditions.

Thank you!
eamba is grateful to Matthias Nitsche for sponsoring the use of Mindseed for eamba, and for offering a reduced subscription price to the teachers.
Mindseed was launched by the German Kudima GmbH. It is a learning platform that empowers mindfulness teachers and training companies to offer customised and engaging courses, with features such as mindfulness exercises and a free app.
eamba assessed Mindseed and is convinced about the various benefits for mindfulness teachers, therefore it is being integrated into Danae, eamba’s digital assistent for mindfulness teachers.

Masterclasses were offered in January 2024 and will be offered in the future. 

For recordings and slides please check here:

Blended Learning with Mindseed, presented on the 18th of January 2024.

Limitations on Liability
eamba  assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of Danae.
While eamba endeavours to keep the information up to date and correct, eamba makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, usefulness suitability, availability or timeliness with respect to the information contained in Danae.

By applying to use Danae, you explicitly agree to the Limits of Liability and the Terms of Use.
Link to application.

Terms of Use
Qualified Mindfulness teacher can apply to get access to eamba’s Danae in order to reproduce and reuse the content of Danae.
You can apply if
A. you are – or become – a member of an eamba Association (check here)
B. you have a specific agreement with eamba

C. you have a subscription with Mindseed  and / or  Umni for the software functionality and related services, resulting in branding your own digital assistant,
D. you state explicitly that you take full responsibility for the content distributed via your website and accept the limitations of liability of eamba.

Rights and obligations,.
You are then allowed
1. to create your own content regarding blended learning functionality.
2. to reproduce and reuse the eamba content
3. to add your own content
4. to use the Danae content, not the Danae form, meaning you are not allowed to state that your AI-enhanced assistant is eamba’s Danae and not allowed to use the eamba logo with your version of an AI-enhanced assistant,

Violating these commitments means that you will no longer be allowed to use Danae’s content.

With your subscription to Mindseed (and other tools integrated into Danae) you also obtain eamba’s explicit permission to reuse  and reproduce the content of Danae, qualified as “fair use”.
These specific subscriptions from Mindseed (and other tools integrated into Danae) are available at a special price only for members of eamba Associations.
As a subscriber you will be notified of updates and upgrades which eamba implements, and you are allowed to use the additional content under the same conditions.

If you wish to apply to use Danae you have two options:
(1) either be or become a member of an eamba Association,
(2) or contact eamba for other options at

By applying to use Danae, you explicitly agree to the Terms of Use and the Limits of Liability.
Link to application.

The best way to tackle Ai anxiety is

neither by therapy nor by technology:
it’s by gaining fresh clarity about the value of our work.
John Niland


Instead of acting fear-based with regard to digital assistance, what if we carefully curate Danae and use it with integrity?
If we get it right, digital tools can leverage our efforts.
Let’s tread carefully and progress  steadily.

Let’s build the best solutions, stimulating each other’s creativity in a race to the top.
Not competing against each other in a race to the bottom.

Constructive competition is an amazing tool, it’s competition wielded wisely.
Let’s change the game – collaborating.

“There’s no use trying,” Alice said, “one can’t believe impossible things.” 
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen.
“When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day.
Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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