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In October 2024 two current board members will have fulfilled two terms, vacating  two board positions.
If you are interested to contributing, please get in touch with the board of your Association to be nominated for election by the eamba General Assembly on the 6th of October.

Why join the eamba Board?

Testimonial Tatini Schmidt, “For me, working for eamba means learning to think and act globally. It is THE lived mindfulness and heartfulness practice ever. Supporting colleagues and growing together in connectedness and diversity is a fulfilling job for me.“

The GA will choose two formal board members and welcomes guests to the board. Guests have complete access and can get a taste of eamba board work in order to step into a formal position whenever a position becomes vacant.

To let the GA take informed decisions, please send a short letter of motivation (e.g. half a page), stating points like

  • which value could you add to the board given your competences and your inner values?
  • how are you active in the field of mindfulness?
  • are you enjoying teamwork and collaboration?
  • some experience in meeting discipline and board work is appreciated, do you?
  • you will need competence in working with collaboration tools, e.g. most apps in the google workspace, do you have this or are you willing to learn?
  • about two hours per week are needed for decision making and strategic tasks, assuming that paid assistance will be a fact by October 2024; can you commit to this time investment?
Candidates for the board are to be nominated by the boards of eamba associations.
The nomination with short motivation needs to reach the eamba board at no later than by the 1st of August.
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