eamba Board

Tatini Petra Schmidt
Tatini Petra SchmidtBoard Member
Eugenio Correnti
Eugenio CorrentiSecretary General
Katharina Müllen
Katharina MüllenPresident & Treasurer
Teresa Ranieri
Teresa RanieriBoard Member
Iva Mia Kruslin
Iva Mia KruslinBoard Member
2 open board positions per October 2024
2 open board positions per October 2024 Please consider to join the board. Let your association nominate you before the 1st of August 2024.

Tasks and responsibilities of the eamba Board

The eamba General Assembly has all powers in the Association, which are not assigned to the Board by the law or to the Statutes of Association. (art. 14 of the eamba Statutes)

The General Assembly elects five of the delegates of the Members of the Association to form the eamba Board. Each board member is elected for three years, with an option to serve a second term of three years.

The eamba Board is charged with the management of the Association by the eamba General Assembly.
The Association is represented by the eamba Board; the authority to represent the Association lies with either the president, or two other board members.

The Board may delegate some parts of its task to working groups appointed by the Board, executing the tasks under board responsibility. Currently the eamba Board has installed working groups attending to eamba Exchange, eamba Festival, eamba Retreat and eamba Diversity working group.
The Board keeps records of the financial position of the Association and of everything concerning the activities of the Association in such a way that the rights and obligations of the Association can be known at any time. Board members and all who have access to eamba data sign a confidentiality agreement.

At the General Assembly, the board presents a report on the course of events in the Association and on its financial management, this report is checked by an audit team of two delegates who are not members of the eamba Board.

For more details on responsibilities of the General Assembly and the eamba Board see the eamba Statutes in particular articles 12, 13, 14.