Waking up together: finding support in
the community of teachers
with Jaya Rudgard

Eamba retreat for mindfulness teachers and those in training
January 2-7, 2020


Jaya Rudgard
is a mindfulness and insight meditation teacher based in Oxford, England. She leads courses and retreats internationally, including at Gaia House, UK and Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, USA. She was ordained as a Buddhist nun in the Thai Forest tradition UK from 1996-2005, and trained as a meditation teacher by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield. Jaya has also taught MBCT and MBSR and is an Associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. She is on the faculty of Bodhi College’s teacher training programme.

Join us at the start of the new year at the EAMBA retreat, with colleagues from different European countries. This silent mindfulness retreat offers an opportunity to meditate together, and to network and exchange on the closing day, building a community of mindfulness teachers and a new, secular tradition of mindfulness retreats.

When we practise mindfulness, we are practising skilful relationship with our experience, ourselves, each other and the world around us. Even in difficult and challenging circumstances, we can discover a way of participating in experience that honours our aliveness and alleviates suffering. There is no better support for this than the company of sincere and wise friends.

This type of friendship, or keeping company with what is good and beautiful, was once described by the Buddha as the very essence of spiritual life. Beginning a new year together as a mindfulness community we can celebrate our shared aspirations and support one another in the context of silent retreat. Building on familiar practices, we will look at what helps and hinders us in being in touch with our own aliveness and continue our journey of waking up together.

For whom?
This retreat welcomes mindfulnessteachers and those in training.

Dates & times
The retreat is from  Thursday January, 2 – Tuesday January 7, 2020. Participants are welcome to arrive and register on January 2, from 16:00hrs onwards. The retreat program starts at 17:00 hrs, ending with a lunch at 12:30 on Tuesday January, 7.

The fee for this retreat is E 200; this includes the teacher’s honorarium. See below for additional accomodation costs.

Additional costs for accomodation:
E 380,- p.p. in double room with shared bathroom in corridor
E 410,- p.p. in double room with own bathroom
E   85,-  p.p. surcharge to prices above when staying in a single room
E 280,- p.p. cubicle upstairs in the meditation hall, bringing your own sleeping bag, pillow and towels
E 250,- for participants not staying at Hof Oberlethe

Accomodation should be booked separately and individually at Hof Oberlethe (see contact details below)


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