Cultivating Awareness and Wisdom:

Insight Meditation Retreat

Vipassana and Qigong

with Carol Wilson and Franz Möckl
July 20 – 27, 2022
Seminarhaus Engl (Germany)

Awareness is a natural quality of the mind. When the mind is relaxed and at ease, a natural awareness can become a part of our lives. This moment-to-moment awareness enables us to see things as they are, leading to the blossoming of wisdom and compassion. This silent retreat will emphasize developing a continuity of awareness throughout all the activities of the day, including two sessions of mindful movement (qi gong). Practicing with a receptive, kind attitude and a relaxed yet diligent effort enables us to explore how our life is our practice, and that all experience can become a support for greater awareness, wisdom and compassion.

This silent retreat includes a daily schedule of sitting, walking, and mindful movement meditation.