Save the dates for the annual EAMBA retreat.

 January 2-7, 2023: 5-day silent retreat.

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to practice with the community of mindfulness teachers from different countries in and near Europe. The 2023 EAMBA retreat will be the 10th annual retreat and it has grown to be a place that many teachers return to every year, as they find it supportive to sit with other colleagues and deepen and refresh their practice.

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What can we trust in?
What sustains our practice in times like these?
When many of our known reference points are less and less reliable?
The experience of existential crises was also faced by Prince Siddhartha.
In particular, the realisation of change and inexorable impermanence deeply troubled him.
This was the starting point for his profound spiritual journey.
As Buddha Shakyamuni, he later helped many people who were also going through upheavals, losses, and emotional challenges.
Crises sometimes demand great courage from us – and they can open the mind to deep trust.
In Buddhism, trust (Pali: saddha) is central to all Dharma practice and mind training.
This retreat is a special opportunity to rediscover and deepen this timeless quality.

TINEKE OSTERLOH has been teaching Buddhism and Insight meditation for more than 25 years in Europe, India, and South Africa.
More Information: www.tinekeosterloh.com


This retreat welcomes mindfulness teachers and those in training.

This five-day silent retreat is from January, 2 until January 7, 2023.
The program starts on January 2 at 16:00 hrs, and ends on January 7 at 12:30 hrs.

We plan and hope to offer the 2023 retreat as an in-person event, in the beautiful location Hof Oberlethe in Germany.
Depending on developments around covid, however, it may need to be offered hybrid or even online.
Updates on this will be published on this page closer to the start of the retreat.

1. Retreat fee
The fee for this retreat is 210 €. This includes the teacher’s  honorarium.
2. Accomodation costs (only for participation in Germany)
Additional costs for accommodation and food (all food is vegetarian. As much as possible, also organic).
The venue may also take possible food intolerances or any other kind of special diet into account.

Hof Oberlethe
Bildungs-und Besinnungsstätte
Wardenburgerstraße 14
26203 Wardenburg
Phone: +49 (4407) 68 40
Fax: +49 (4407) 54 80
E-Mail: info@hof-oberlethe.de
Website: www.hof-oberlethe.de

REGISTER for the 2023 EAMBA Retreat

Please note that you need to book your accommodation directly with Hof Oberlethe.

The venue offers three different price categories – indicative, for exact numbers please check with Hof Oberlethe:
– 390 € per person for double room with bathroom in the corridor
– 420 € per person for double room with private bathroom
–   85 € surcharge for single occupancy
– 285 € per person in joint dormitory/in niches, separated by curtains, on the gallery above the meditation hall,
bringing your own bedding (sleeping bag)/ towels/pillows.

It is our intention to make this retreat possible for many teachers.
If you like to support other colleagues to participate, you are very welcome to pay something extra when transferring the fee on the invoice for the retreat.
Thank you for your solidarity!