Christoph Koeck

was born in Vienna, Austria.  17 years of his life he spent as a Buddhist monk in Forest monasteries in Thailand and the West.

Currently he lives in Vienna, working as a psychotherapist in private practice. He teaches Buddhism and meditation internationally, and is trained to teach MBSR and MBCT.

Christoph is a member of the Faculty of Bodhi College U.K. and the Sigmund Freud University of Vienna.

Revisiting Mindfulness

EAMBA retreat January 2-7, 2022

5-day silent retreat with
Christoph Koeck

A Retreat dedicated to deepen our understanding of Mindfulness and its roots in early Buddhism.

Drawing upon the wisdom of the early Buddhist tradition we explore aspects of mindfulness, in particular the four foundations of mindfulness and how in Buddhist psychology mindfulness is always embedded in a context of related qualities such as trust, calm and compassion. We will explore the various ways how Mindfulness a key quality for navigating through life´s challenges and for actualizing our potential for a life well lived.

My intention is to bring alive the classical teachings on mindfulness, occasionally using the lens of Mindfulness Based Applications and western psychology, to deepen and integrate experiential and conceptual understandings.  In this journey through life, we can use all the wisdom these “traditions” can offer. Our personality and life experiences will influence how we approach meditation practice, so perspectives on our conditioning can be helpful in meeting the challenges we might encounter.

The retreat setting offers a unique opportunity to go deeply into the investigation of our experience. Shared silence, formal meditation, mindful movement will be the container for developing body, heart and mind in the direction of greater freedom and ease.

For whom?
This retreat welcomes mindfulnessteachers and those in training.

Dates & times
This five-day silent retreat is from Sunday January, 2 until Friday January 7, 2022. The program starts on January 2 at 16:00 hrs, and ends on January 7 at 12:30 hrs.

We expect this retreat to take place live again. Should this not be the case, the retreat will be offered online, or in hybrid form, i.e. a combination of live and online.

1. Retreat fee
The fee for this retreat is E 210. This includes the teacher’s  honorarium.
2. Accomodation costs
Additional costs for accomodation and food (all food is vegetarian. As much as possible, also organic). The venue may also take possible food intolerances or any other kind of special diet into account.

Please note that you need to book your accommodation directly with Hof Oberlethe.

The venue offers three different price categories:
– 390 € per person for double room with bathroom in the corridor
– 420 € per person for double room with private bathroom
–   85 € surcharge for single occupancy
– 285 € per person in joint dormitory/in niches, separated by curtains, on the gallery above the meditation hall, bringing your own bedding (sleeping bag)/ towels/pillows.

Hof Oberlethe
Bildungs-und Besinnungsstätte
Wardenburgerstraße 14
26203 Wardenburg
Phone: +49 (4407) 68 40
Fax: +49 (4407) 54 80
E-Mail: info@hof-oberlethe.de
Website: www.hof-oberlethe.de

It is our intention to make this retreat possible for many teachers. If you like to support other colleagues to participate, we invite you to pay € 50 extra as supporting fee. Thank you for your solidarity!