Mindfulness Supervision training

train to be a mindfulness supervisor

1-year program starting November 24-27, 2022.

Are you a mindfulness supervisor looking for more background and skills in supervision? Or wishing to start mentoring or supervising? Join us for the new training cohort in the international Mindfulness Supervision training, starting November 24, 2022.

In recent years, the mindfulness field has seen an increasing demand for experienced supervisors. Supervisors who are both experienced mindfulness teachers and practitioners, and skillful in supervision.

Becoming a supervisor is a process that requires time – time where you can develop and deepen your skills in the practice with colleagues. The training consists of 3 four-day modules in the course of roughly 1 year. This allows participants to digest the program at ease, and gives time to practice in between the modules. As with the mindfulness teacher training, this program is experiential. Learning to guide the process with presence plays a larger role than ‘getting the right skills set’. While each module offers theory, background material and skills practice, the sessions have a strong focus on the process, on guiding, and on meeting what is present in our supervisees as well as in ourselves as supervisors. In this program, you learn to supervise, while holding the space of your supervisee and yourself in a mindful way. For this reason, mindfulness practice will also be part of the program.

Some themes in the program: Basics of supervision – contracting and supervision structures – attitude and languaging – inquiry –  mindful communication skills – learning styles – transference, countertransference, parallel processing – working with shadow sides – supporting and challenging your supervisees – anxiety and the inner critic – deepening the practice, refining supervision skills – mindfulness group dynamics and individual processes.