EAMBA Exchange provides a biweekly open space to the mindfulness teachers’ community to meet, support each other and learn. Teachers who are members of EAMBA’s members associations are welcome to join. Meetings are offered alternately on Mondays and Wednesdays. Each meeting is structured and focuses on a theme that is relevant for the teachers’ community. Sometimes in the form of an interactive workshop, where an expert colleague is invited to introduce and guide; sometimes the meeting are offered as an open dialogue. The EAMBA Exchange team, main organizer of the meetings, chairs every session.


  • June 2   | Comparing different Mindfulness-based programs (MBP) : MBCAS, MBCT
  • June 14 | Comparing different Mindfulness-based programs (MBP): MBCL, ME-CL
  • July 7    | Practicing together
  • July 19  | Practicing together 

If you want to attend these meetings please register through this registration form.

For more information the Exchange team may be contacted at exchange@eamba.net