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On November 30, 2022, Insight Dialogue: a relational mindfulness meditation practice was offered by
Antonella Commellato and Fabio Giommi, founders of  ‘Italian Association for Mindfulness’.

We were honoured to welcome Antonella Commellato and Fabio-Mario Giommi to the eamba Community
You will be able to benefit from the audio recordings and other resources in the coming days.
They offered some essentials to understand Insight Dialogue practice,  a contemplative practice in the sense of Insight Meditation/Mindfulness Meditation.

Participants were invited to this form of “relational Vipassana”, rooted in the traditional silent individual practice.
It explores the possibility to extend the cultivation of awareness (sati) and of the other meditative qualities/factors of the mind, especially enabling conditions of “actual relational contact”.
That is: ongoing, moment to moment relational interaction with another human awareness, with the use of words and language, while in meditative practice.

The aim is to extend meditative practice to territories traditionally considered almost alien to it.
It allows to bring the liberating light of mindfulness into a dimension of samsara, as well as the relational one, where each of us is particularly prone to identification, confusion, suffering.

It offers a path to discover how the reverberation and mirroring of two (or more) human awarenesses in meditative resonance, may intensify those meditative qualities of the mind that are cultivated in individual practice, and bring us deeper in comprehending the constructed and conditioned nature of our relational experiences.

Re-visit this page for a link to the audio recording that we will share during the upcoming days,
as well a resources promised during the live interaction.

eamba is very grateful for your presence, dear Antonella and Fabio, sharing your expertise, and also for your interested presence, dear Colleagues..

concise BIO
Antonella Commellato and Fabio Giommi are Insight Dialogue Dharma senior teachers (Retreat Teachers) who have been personally trained and have taught for 15 years with Gregory Kramer, the Vipassana teacher and founder of Insight Dialogue.
Antonella and Fabio are also guiding the Italian Association for Mindfulness since 2005.
Antonella is the director of the Mindfulness Professional Training for instructors since 2009.
Fabio directs Nous-School of Specialization (PsyD) in Psychotherapy in Milano.

link to the audio recording

eamba youtube channel

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