Acknowledged Mindfulness-Based Programs

The International Panel for Acknowledgement (IPA) evaluates newly developed and adapted mindfulness-based programs (MBP’s), and
promotes safe, ethical and inclusive practices in the field of evidence-based secular mindfulness teaching.

Here below is a list of MBP’s that have so far been evaluated and recognised.

The list is meant to inform the decision-making process of people who wish to participate in an acknowledged mindfulness-based program.

IPA-recognition means that an MBP

  • meets the criteria for definition as a mindfulness-based program,
  • adheres to standards of quality and integrity,
  • is safe and effective,
  • is innovative, in the sense that it meets the needs of a population or context, not currently provided for by an already existing MBP, and
  • contributes to the flourishing of mindfulness practice.

Recognition of a mindfulness-based program by the IPA does not include accreditation of training pathways or training institutions that deliver MBP’s.

Acknowledgement as a mindfulness-based program is an important first step that can lead to the accreditation of mindfulness-based training and certification of teachers who have successfully trained to deliver recognised MBP’s.

More information on the process of IPA evaluation and acknowledgement.

The classification as Emergent or Established  conveys the current state of evidence in support of a program’s efficacy and safety.

MBP Applicant/creator(s) acknowledgement valid until Established
Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living
Erik van den Brink and Frits Koster (Netherlands) June 2026
Finding Peace in a Frantic World Ruth Baer, Mark Williams and Danny Penman (UK) June 2026
Mindfulness-Based Organisational Education
Mark Leonard (UK) June 2026
Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting_Fear (MBCP-Fear) Irena Veringa (Netherlands) June 2026