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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro.

Joining Forces Skilfully

eamba and the Mindfulness Initiative are joining forces to start a European campaign advocating the depth of mindfulness and the relevance of teacher-led training with evidence-based programs.

We are committed to this being inclusive of the whole mindfulness sector. Finding ways in which this can enrich our work. Devoted to reducing barriers to mindfulness and to promoting enhanced information, policy development , innovation, diversity and inclusion.

All voices are necessary to get the message across to policy makers and decision makers.
There is so much room for improvement: be welcome, include yourself. Join the journey.

Being together in this – truly collaborating, we are not playing small.
Thanks to diversity we will notice more perspectives, we will be more sensitive, we will understand disruption as an agent in our development and innovation, and we will act more agile.

Jamie Bristow, Richard Edwards. Katharina Mullen

PART 2 of the eamba Conference on the 29th of November:

  • Jamie Bristow, Mindfulness Initiative, on the necessity for a communication campaign sharing the true value of mindfulness, promoting enhanced information and policy development.
  • Richard Edwards, Mindfulness Initiative, on partnering with eamba and on reducing barriers to mindfulness, promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Katharina Mullen, eamba, on being innovative and inclusive of the whole mindfulness field, teacher associations, teacher training institutes and all who put their minds and hearts into making mindfulness accessible to the diversity of people in European societies.

A smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor – let’s scale up our skills.


Full program: TIMING; 16:58 CET – 21:45 CET (and ZOOM ID)

Registration: you will receive a reminder on the 28th, incl Zoom details.


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