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Part I of the 2023-eamba Conference exploring the current needs and demands for mindfulness teaching in society. With gratitude and joy the eamba communicty welcomed Jon Kabat-Zinn and sought to find more clarity on the perceived crisis (1), and (2) how teachers could respond in a wholesome way. (information on Part II – below)

A recording was published on the eamba YouTube channel.

The Intention of Part I (4th of April 2023) 
We intended to contribute to alleviating the devastating growth of mental health issues, weariness of life and loss of meaning,  by closing the gap between the need for mindfulness and the demand for MBP-transmission of the practice.
The format of the meeting was to engage in an organic way for all of us to experience spaciousness and to feel encouraged in finding our own clarity and solutions.

Recently eamba Member Associations have reported that many of their members have experienced a sharp decline in registrations for mindfulness teaching and MBP-instructor training. Together we engage towards understanding  developments and separating truths from anxieties and projections. The dialogue focused on the lessons that can be learned from the current developments. We exchanged observations and experiments to discover what works  – what not.


The Intention of the Part II (29th of November 2023)
We are grateful to Jon Kabat-Zinn for joining the eamba community in this exploration.
The second part of this 2023-eamba Conference focuses on wholesome ways of responding to the perceived crisis.

We are envisioning the evolution of mindfulness teaching, and propose ways to intensify the communication about the depth of mindfulness and the relevance of teacher-led training and practice.

eamba is also curating an AI-enhanced assistant – Danae – to support MBP teachers to upgrade their offering with blended learning,
and to reduce their non-teaching tasks to have time for intensifying their marketing activities.

Before people can choose the value a MBP Teacher offers, they need to truly know – not to be mislead into going with a derivative that benefits  – piggy-back riding – from  the well-established evidence of the careful offering of qualified MBP Teachers.
As far as eamba is concerned, the buck stops here.

Here is the link to the program of Part II of the 2023-eamba Conference.

Register – eamba gifts this conference to the mindfulness community, welcoming you to join the journey.

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