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Give me a lever long enough and
a fulcrum on which to place it, and
I shall move the world.

Our ultimate objective, as mindfulness teachers is to have a positive impact on people’s lives and behaviours – including respect and care for the planet – by scaling the effectiveness of mindfulness teaching and the reach of mindfulness-based programs.

Through our teaching we want to support people in building habits for practicing mindfulness because only consistency will make a difference.

Teachers would love to reduce non-teaching tasks because we rather focus attention on our students and nourish the habit of consistent mindfulness practice.
The impact and effectiveness of teachers can be further increased by offering blended learning, also responding positively to current expectations of students.

Meet Danae.
eamba envisions to support these aspirations with Danae, the digital tool curated by eamba.
[pronounced dh aa n AA] , as in dāna, the practice of cultivating generosity.

Danae is meant to leverage the efforts of teachers.
The objective is
to liberate teachers from time-consuming tasks, tasks that are not at the core of a teacher’s passion and competence,
– to support teachers in tasks necessary to attract clients who need the depth of mindfulness practice that only a human teacher can transmit.

Matthias Nitsche. Gwénola Herbette. Elitza Stoilova. Katharina Mullen

Part 3 of the eamba conference on the 29th of November explored:

  1. Why Danae? with Katharina Mullen, eamba
  2. Blended Learning with Matthias Nitsche, Mindseed, demonstrating a MBSR 8-Week course created by Gwénola Herbette.
  3. Communication, Marketing & Service with Elitza Stoilova, demonstrating a conversation between a ‘newbie’ to mindfulness and Danae: meeting prospective clients when they want and where they are (not when and where we want them to be).

Harnessing the power of the wind with human effort – and a little help from Danae.
Ready to Tack!


Full program: TIMING; 16:58 CET – 21:45 CET (and ZOOM ID)

Registration: you will receive a reminder on the 28th incl Zoom details.


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#2 Joining Forces Skilfully

#3 Leveraging Human Effort

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