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Dharmakirti Zuazquita is certifiedMBPM Senior Teacher Trainer” by Breathworks Institute, England and he is responsible for the international teacher training of «Mindfulness and compassion MBPM» program both in Spain and Iberomérica.

Join Dharmkirti and the eamba Community for a presentation on how to live well with pain and illness.
Listening and dialoguing to deepen our understanding.

Date / Time: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 19:00 – 20:30 CEST
Meeting ID: 847 6165 7686
Passcode: 144637
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Event description
RespiraVida BreathWorks teaches Mindfulness and Compassion-based approaches for Managing Pain, illness and stress (MBPM). This program is based on Vidyamala Burch´s book “You are not your pain”. 

RespiraVida is pioneer in introducing international standardized MBPM teacher training in Spanish and Portuguese language and is based in Spain, Mexico and Brazil. Since 2007 have reached over 10,000 people with our evidence-based programmes and trained over 200 mindfulness teachers across Iberomérica.

Dharmakirti will join the eamba Community to share his experience of taking MBPM to all these countries and languages, and his vision of this flourishing and diverse community of teachers and students. 

Dharmakirti Sebastián Zuázquita

Dharmakirti’s main vision is to be able to help and prepare others so that they can in turn communicate in an embodied, mindful and compassionate way the wisdom of the scientifically based contemplative tradition to all people who need it so they can transform their lives and society.

He is co-author of several books “Kindfulness“, “Esas cosas que  llamamos compasión” and “Aportes del Mindfulness a la psicoterapia“.

He is the founder and director of “Respira Vida Breathworks (, a non-profitorganization based in Valencia, Spain and affiliated to eamba (European Federation for MindfulnessApproaches).

He has a Master degree in Mindfulness at Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza. He is Ontological Coach certified by the Institute of Specialization in Coaching and he graduated with BScdegree from Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales de la Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina.

Professor of the Master of mindfulness at the University of Zaragoza, Master of Mindfulness and compassion at the University of Alcalá, the “expert in Mindfulness for clinical and social intervention” of the Official College of Psychology of Madrid, the Baraka Institute of Mindfulness Instructor TrainingIntegral Psychology. For over 10 years he has been part of a team of expert teachers of the Postgraduatein “Cognitive Therapy and Third Generation Therapies” of the Portuguese Psychology Institute (INSPSIC).

He is co-founder and member of the council of the “Red Española de Programas Estandarizados de Mindfulness y Compasión” and “Asociación por el diálogo entre la ciencia y la meditación”.

He discovered yoga and meditation in the mid-90s and in 2001 he began systematic practice and studyof Buddhist philosophy and psychology. He is an ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist values in ways appropriate to the modernworld.

He has overlooked the translations of several books of authors like Bidkkhu Analayo, Vidyamala Burch,
U. Sangharakshita.

You can contact Dharmakirti at

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