Membership of EAMBA

As of 2018, EAMBA is a registered Association with a main focus on supporting national teachers’ associations and networks. There are three types of membership:

1. Member associations: national associations of mindfulness professionals teaching MBP’s, who have been accepted as a member of EAMBA. The associations are not-for-profit, able to represent mindfulness teachers in their country, and their statutes and rules are in accord with the aims of EAMBA.
2. Affiliate members: These can be national networks in progress or individuals building an association, or local mindfulness-based organisations if there is no national teachers’ association in the country.
3. Associate members: European associations representing a particular domain which is mindfulness informed but not an MBP, drawing their members from a European country can become an Associate Member of EAMBA.

Please see below how to apply for EAMBA membership.

1. Do you represent a legal national teachers’ association?
YES ⮞     If yes, please click here for membership application.

NO ⮟

2. Is there no national mindfulness teachers’ association in your country and are you building one, or do you represent a local mindfulness-based organisation? Please click here for affiliate membership application.

3. Are you interested in associate membership?
Please get in touch with us via