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The Moments of Refuge Project has partnered with colleagues and identified these impact goals:

  1. Intervention. To empower and enable Ukrainians to cultivate moments of refuge and safety in their own bodies and minds, and thereby initiate a process of recovery from trauma- and stress-related mental health outcomes of conflict and forced displacement.
  2. Prevention. To prevent destructive consequences of conflict and forced displacement for individual health (e.g. prevent suicide), for families (e.g. prevent intimate-partner violence), for children (e.g. prevent inter-generational transmission of trauma and stress), and for Ukrainian communities (e.g. prevent fragmentation of community resilience and social capital).
  3. Social Impact Multiplier. To augment and thereby amplify the impact of social justice and mobility policies and programs for Ukrainians post-conflict and post-displacement. Because mental health problems are a barrier to benefiting from such policies and programs, systemically targeting mental health in this way will multiply the social impact of such programs.

The Moments of Refuge Project was initiated at the University of Haifa and has partnered with Global Empowerment Mission, Pandemic of Love, the Ukrainian Mindful Awareness Project,, Smartaid, BStrong, and TeleHelpUkraine.

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