Networking as the eamba Community understands it, is an activity creating value for all of us.

It is built on trust, safety, integrity and respect in a ‘giving and receiving’ process.

It means making things happen together with whom we have a direct or indirect relationship. Rather than being an entity – the network – networking emphasises the involvement, generosity, gratitude and other values that result from being truly in connection with each other and our associations contributing to the mission of developing a mindful and compassionate living.

Interactions continuously build and strengthen these relationships due to mutual interest and common ground.

This activity of networking is a cornerstone of the foundation that enables the flourishing of the eamba Community.

To facilitate networking eamba combines in-person interaction and the power of internet technology.

A variety of services stimulate the networking process: assisting associations and individuals to deepen insights and expand their reach to generate opportunities. For example, opportunities for teaching, understanding and developing mindfulness and compassion in European societies in their splendid diversity.

For the networking to function all participants in eamba are committed to embody mindfulness and compassion in the way intentions are pursued.

eamba facilitates networking by