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It seems that as communities we are faced with increasing mental health problems and decreasing zest for life. As teachers, we know that mindfulness practice is an antidote.

Yet, many mindfulness teachers have been in the doldrums. Drifting along and even getting stuck in windless waters, becoming listless and depressed. Yet, not all teachers.

Now, during the eamba conference on the 29th of November, we will be exploring how teachers might elegantly pivot.
Also meeting the challenges that market parties with larger budgets seem to pose as they are passing by the qualified teachers – as if powerboats.

Uniting forces we can catch the changing winds, getting back to high sea where society needs us, and – maybe in the future develop constructive collaborations with other market parties.

Our hearts were made for this. Getting out of the doldrums.


PART 1 of the eamba conference on the 29th of November explores:

  • the depth of mindfulness and a diversity of mindfulness programs
  • the relevance of qualified teachers teaching evidence-based programs, the effects of which have been demonstrated by rigorous research
  • the societal relevance: developing the inner skills and qualities that collectives need to address the big societal issues.
Jon Kabat-Zinn. Rebecca Crane. Jamie Bristow.

eamba welcomes

  1. Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of MBSR and founding father of evidence-based mindfulness programs, sharing his wisdom and vision on the future of contextualising programs in order to benefit a diversity of populations.
  2. Rebecca Crane, founding mother of the MBI-TAC, the elegant development instrument to enhance teacher quality, will share her wisdom and vision on the future of teachers: is one type of teacher enough?
  3. Jamie Bristow, the Mindfulness Initiative, creator of influential policy reports to make mindfulness and compassion training serious matters of public policy and catalysts for a healthier political process. Jamie will share his wisdom and vision on the societal relevance of mindfulness.

Full program: (and ZOOM ID)


* Thank you Oren Jay Sofer for inspiring this title with your new book “Your Heart Was Made for This: Contemplative Practices for Meeting a World in Crisis with Courage, Integrity, and Love” November 21, 2023.

#1 ‘Our Hearts Were Made For This’

#2 Joining Forces Skilfully

#3 Leveraging Human Effort [26 Nov ’23]


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