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eamba Services 

The common intention of the member associations within the European Associations for Mindfulness – eamba – is to support each other as mindfulness teachers and to make evidence-based mindfulness known in European societies, especially to decision makers.
Aligned with the delegation of the General Assembly the eamba board creates activities to contribute to the realisation of the above intention, among others by
  • facilitating networking between the eamba associations a.o. by offering a monthly newsletter and by facilitating connections between associations to learn from each other, simply email to; also all email addresses of the eamba member associations are on the dedicated webpages of each member
  • providing an annually renewed vignette that communicates eamba’s endorsement for eamba associations and their members
  • publishing your events, especially conferences and retreats on the eamba news webpage (please inform us:
  • organising events, like bi-weekly Exchange meetings online and the eamba conference / festival (hybrid)
  • offering  (hybrid) retreats  (one in January in Germany and one in September in France, the latter for the first time in 2024 
  • evaluating and acknowledging innovative mindfulness programs (IPA)
  • publishing a portal to your local teacher directories
  • providing a dedicated webpage for each eamba member association to be freely used 
  • offering the eamba curated digital assistant Danae
  • exploring specific topics in working groups
  • and strengthening the eamba community, aka all local associations with other services.
All members of eamba association can participate in these activities.
Please share this information with your colleagues to let all benefit from the value created by the eamba Associations together
(maybe simply copying the above list into your next newsletter?) and feel encouraged to send announcement of your initiatives to to be featured and visible to many.
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