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“Intervision Process”: the contribution of Stéphane Nau to the 2022-eamba Festival on ‘Being a Mindfulness Teacher’. Stéphane is the president of AFEM France: Association Française des Enseignants MBSR is a Member of eamba.

Stéphane Nau

Stéphane is a MBSR teacher and certified professional coach, he has been practising meditation for more than 20 years and has been teaching it in Lille since 2014. His life path has committed him to a contribution to the world based on the reduction of suffering and the promotion of kindness, joy and solidarity. It works with businesses, the general public and “invisible” audiences (prisoners, homeless people, etc.). He has a triple background as an entrepreneur (7 companies created), director of communication (management training organisation) and consultant (internal communication and change management).

Stéphane shared the approach he has developed an Intervision approach for AFEM members, based on three interconnected steps: Sharing – Experiencing – Feedback.  Intervision or Peer Reflection is beneficial for all MBP-teachers: by exchanging among colleagues in a safe environment we discover new ways to be more effective as teachers.

The presentation of Stéphane is available as a [PDF]…


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