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The Fieldbook for Mindfulness Innovators* is The Mindfulness Initiative‘s practical and informative guide to support skilful innovation in the mindfulness training sector.
On 18 April 2023 eamba Exchange facilitated a dialogue on the application of the Fieldbook.
Here is the summary we presented: FieldBook4MInnovators.
You might also want to use the recording which is available on the eamba YouTube channel.
*Link to e-version of the Fieldbook (on donation basis).

As eamba we encourage the study of the Fieldbook for Mindfulness Innovators as one of the stepping stones in the current eamba Exchange program aiming
– to understand the actual needs and demands for MBP-transmission of practice, and
– to share tools for MBP-teachers to create offerings with which to reach their audience effectively.

The eamba Community is analysing observations and exploring innovation approaches with the objectives, among others:
– to separate truths from anxieties and projections
– to learn from crisis approaches
– to share cross-border what colleague have found to be effective.

The intention is to contribute to closing the gap between the need for mindfulness and the demand for MBP-transmission of practice. What if the ‘demand side’ needed different communication about what a mindfulness-based program really offers when the practice is transmitted by a certified MBP- teacher embodying the practice?

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