Vision and Mission of eamba

Vision: to develop mindfulness and compassion in European societies in all their diversity in order to contribute to more sustainable inner and outer worlds.

Mission: to be the Association connecting, inspiring and inviting those who are contributing to the development of more mindful and compassionate societies.

eamba is committed to embody the principles of mindfulness and compassion in the way intentions, interactions and actions are pursued.

eamba pursues its mission by promoting mindfulness in society as derived from evidence-based secular programs, and especially by supporting professional mindfulness associations:

  • providing a platform for networking and exchange
  • sharing resources, e.g. events, information on public funding
  • facilitating research and dissemination of research results
  • developing professional requirements for teachers
  • formulating ethical standards for teachers
  • supporting newly founded associations
  • including different mindfulness-based programs if acknowledged by the International Panel for Acknowledgement, IPA.